Where are the world’s best brands?

AXIAM constructs concentrated portfolios consisting of a handful of carefully selected companies, mostly domiciled in the United States.

The best brands in the world

The BrandZ Global Top 100 Brands report, produced by WPP, shows that American companies own the majority of the best brands in the world. In the 2019 version of the annual report, 84 of the world’s most valuable brands were American, 7 Chinese, 4 French, 2 German and one each from South Korea, U.K. and Japan. The Global Top 50 brands are listed below.

From strength to strength

WPP released the first BrandZ Global Brand Ranking report in 2006. Since then, the U.S. has become more dominant in consumer brands over the 15 years between 2006 and 2019, adding 23 new brands to the Top 100 during the period. All other countries, except for the six new brands added by China, saw a decline in the number of their brands ranking in the top 100 global brands.

At AXIAM, our job is to invest in brands that will remain relevant in the future. We continue to watch the evolution of Chinese and other global brands. At present, the brand owners in the United States offer the most compelling consumer propositions and investment prospects and until that changes, will continue to be overweight in our portfolios.

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